Monday, 25 February 2013

Some Chirp Stories...

Here are some of the chirp stories I compiled. Thought of sharing them via a post. I will keep updating whenever new stories are created. If you have created any, do let me know. I will be glad to add them to the list, for reference, with due credits. 

I would like to thank the creators of the chirpstory platform who enable the users of Social Media to create stories, and share them easily.

If Mahabharata Happened Now  

Here is a collection of some tweets with the hash tag - #IfMahabharatHappenedNow - a story that trended on 24th-25th Feb'13. Featured even on global trend list. The story demonstrates the power of how an imaginative idea can easily go viral on Social Media. It just needs the (b/)right spark! And, good timing!! 

Wakf Scam 

Karnataka Minorities Commission investigated the State Wakf Board properties misuse and reported to the State Govt that over 2 Lakh Crore worth of assets have been encroached, leased on pittance rates, etc., causing a loss. Many bigwigs are involved. The tweeple responded to the breaking story with the hashtag #WakfScam

Cardinal Sin - 

Cardinal Sin lists some of the reaction on Social Media to the explosive news of  'amicable settlement' talk by a Cardinal of the church who tried to use his influence (subsequently he retracted having tried) to stop the families of two Indian Fishermen (who were killed on 15th Feb'12, by armed escorts of an Italian Merchant Ship in Indian waters near Kerala), from forcing their prosecution. 

On a Scale of -  

On a scale of is a collection of some fun tweets, where tweeple made fun of many things...

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