Sunday, 24 February 2013

A zen story....

Today, I read a zen story in the Kannadaprabha, and thought of sharing it with you. 

(Image courtesy: Barbara Walton/EPA & The Telegraph)
 A Zen Guru had immersed himself in studies, and deep meditation for many, many years. After a very long spell of it, spanning over a decade or so, he felt he had attained Realization. He got up, took out his collection of precious books, made a bonfire of them!

That's it! 

What does the story tell you? 

What's its moral? Forget the moral of it, tell me what do you think of his action?

[Note: The author (Mr. Nazim Hikmet) has listed some of the opinions shared by people who heard it, in the story. If you come up with same views, then its a coincidence!] 

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